So now, the big question; “What is this template Betty Hill gave us 50 or so years ago?”

We have seen that if applied to the local stars (within 33 parsec) that there is what appears to be a very close match, but, what of the chances of this being a random event?

We have a collection of 25 identified stars that conform well to the Hill template; applying probability…

So we want the first 25 terms of 2826 factorial (2826 is the number of stars returned for our search): result = 1.7102778772488529E+86. So there are 1.71e+86 combinations of 25 stars. The probability of the match is: 5.84795e-87 or 1 chance in as many combinations that are possible; 1:1.71e+86.

Vanishingly small.

The other factors, our groups, blobs, features, can be applied to a confidence value for this probability. There are 8 groups, of these groups all have a high quality match to the template, thus 100% confidence can be applied.

Thus the overall probability of the template being random is: 5.84795e-87.