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82 Eridani -- High proper-motion Star
Planets: 3 Age: 11 billion
Distance from zeta Reticuli: 21.6 ly
A rather dim Sol like star in the Eridanus constellation; 82 Eridani is one of the first stops on the routes traced in our map.
While there are three “Rocky super-Earths” confirmed; none of these planets are within the habitable zone of 82 Eridani. However given that there are 3 planets all more than twice the mass of Earth; it seems plausible that they may be masking the presence of smaller, somewhat more distant planets.
Class G8V
R A 49.97176989
Decl -43.07154908
Distance (ly) 19.69644
Age (billion yrs) 11.3
Planets 3