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Zeta (1) Reticuli -- High proper-motion Star
Planets: Zeta-2 Reticuli has no confirmed planets known to date (July 2013), but does have a circumstellar debris disk.
Both stars are thought to be “old disk stars”, but recent research has shown that they may be as young as 1.5 billion years. Hence or estimate of 4.75; the average of the extremes.
While there are no planets confirmed, the probability of planets and advanced sentient life remains very strong. The fact that the Hill-Fish star map actually does match existing stars with such precision lends a high probability to the rest of the report. Given that:
Zeta 2 in the map appears to be the “front” star, in that all routes connect first to zeta-2, routes to zeta-1 connect only to zeta-2. Zeta-2 is a virtual “twin” for Sol, but, perhaps, with a bit more. So it’s habitable zone would be much like where Earth is in regard to Sol.
Zeta-1 is a bit smaller, dimmer than Sol and thus its habitable zone is closer in. However; the two stars are separated by enough distance (3700+ AU) that they each may support a planetary system. Zeta-2 however is the only one with a debris disk, and thus may be more likely to harbor Earth like planets (due to more available water).
Class G4V
R A 49.43528835
Decl -62.57689909
Distance (ly) 39.16461
Age (billion yrs) 3
Planets 0