Collecting metrics on Alien Abduction

By James Stewart

Alien (“Covert”) Abduction is a phenomenon that affects some 7,000,000 (2%) Americans. These events exist in the individuals as a “set” of memory fragments that, with considerable work, may be assembled into something like a story or sequence of events. The most serious issue with such memories is that when “realized” they emerge as a subjective dataset that contains few, if any, verifiable, objective data. Thus the confidence factors remain low, and are rejected by many. Technology can fix much of this.

Data Acquisition

The concept here is to construct an acquisition system that can detect when its subject “goes missing”, and then collect such data as is available at the site of the “disappearance” and at the new site of the subject.

To do this we are proposing a 3 component system;

  •  Subject acquisition
  •  Site acquisition
  •  Collection system

Subject Acquisition

This can easily be done via the use of a modern “Smart” Watch or Fitness Band. Devices are small, can be worn by the subject, and, can contain sensors that can collect data on the subject’s physiology, physical location (GPS), some devices may allow audio, and video recording.

Site Acquisition

Site, or where the event occurred, data can be collected by the user’s cell phone. Today’s Cell Phones contain a sophisticated array of sensors that already collect a plethora of data. These sensors can give us positional information for the device, in that we can virtually construct the phone in 3D space and “know” how it moves (same goes for the Wrist Band), we also have available audio, video recording , as well as a GPS system.

Collection System

This too is a very mundane bit of technology. A simple web server, and database engine are all we need. The web server, provides us an interface (API) in the form of a “set” of “Web Services” that would be accessible to our remote ‘units’ at any time over existing infrastructure, the database engine allows us to order our datasets appropriately.


The key to this systems success is “knowing” when to start the recording process. Each of the remote units can be programmed to remain idle until one or more of several events occurs;

  •  Isolation Unit can not find its companions.
  • Dramatic change A large / dramatic change has occurred in one or more sensor


Finding itself alone is cause for alarm, though, some “periods” of isolation should be considered normal. In order to be isolated any component will have to lose communication for a period of time. To prevent “spoofing” the system will contain a “heartbeat” data object which contains a constantly updated “authentication” word.

Dramatic change

If the “Heart monitor” in the wrist band stops, or if the subject’s GPS position changes dramatically, these would be cause for alarm. These are the kinds of sensor anomalies we will watch for, and evaluate, both in the Cell Phone, and in the Wrist Band.

Event Raising

The process of raising an event can be initiated by any of the three (3) components, at the discretion of the component device.

Each component when raising an event will broadcast a secure notification to the system which will cause the other components to enter an “Event State”, and begin recording of available data.

Available Data

Cell Phone

  • GPS location
  •  Accelerometer data
  •  Audio
  •  Video
  •  Device status

Wrist Band

  •  GPS location
  •  Accelerometer data
  •  Heart monitor
  •  Sleep monitor
  •  Device status

While this dataset is small, it does represent “off-the-shelf” technology. As technology progresses, other, extended sensing capabilities will become available, extending the dataset.


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