Alien Abduction is a phenomenon that affects about 7,000,000 Americans, or about 2% of the population. This statistic, logically, can be entended to the rest of the world, bringing the number of those affected to nearly 140,000,000.

Almost nothing is known about this phenomenon due to a lack of data, and the absense of any data collection technologys. Leaving these people, some with very serious issues stemming from their abductions.

Only a few therapists, and scientists study the phenomenon, again, mostly due to a lack of data, and data collection technologies. Today researchers struggle with using subjective reports provided by abductees, and recorded in forms of various description. There is no data collected objectively, nor recorded in a secure manner, and there are no standard protocols for the collection and maintenance of data.

Our Abduction Monitor uses a combination of modern technologies to begin to solve this major problem. Our system uses these technologies:

  • Fitness Band
  • Cell Phone
  • Our Datacenter
  • Application tailored to the task.
We start by collecting biometrics via the "Fitness Band", along with the "Band's" physical location (GPS). This data is processed by the users Cell phone and the resulting data is saved / recorded by both the Cell Phone and our Data Center as needed to effectively track and notify the user as required, and, collect metrics during an abduction event. Video data may also be collected by the system via cameras in both the Cell Phone and the Fitness Band.

All data collected is secured at our data center, safe from the ravages of obfuscation activities.

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