The (Alien) Abduction Monitor is a project to design and prototype a system capable of detecting, and, collecting data on, Abduction Events regardless of how clandestine the event is.

To do this we will employ a 3 level system with a "Heart beat" to insure detection.
These levels are:
  • Wrist band with heart, activity, monitoring, App capability, GPS and camera. Bluetooth connection to phone.
  • Cell Phone with Android OS, App capability, GPS, camera, Bluetooth.
  • Data Center. A suit of servers supporting data collection, storage, relational database, video storage and streaming

We are developing a notification protocol that will allow each of these to detect the absense of the others and trigger an event, even if only locally. This should result in data that is at worst, fragmented, and requires compilation. And, of course, the compiler.

Three separate applications will be developed to make this system  as hardened against "spoofing" as possible to insure that detection works.

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